Minigolf Deluxe

The tracks comply with the designs established by the Technical Committee of the International Golf Federation on Track and are made of a smooth surface and a headboard, generally circular, where the ball hole is located.
The internal standard measurements are:
90 cm corridor width, 625cm total length, 140cm the diameter of the headboard and 10cm the diameter of the ball hole.

The tracks are constituted by a box-shaped fiberglass structure, fixed on a perfectly levelled lean concrete base.
The tracks are entirely built with fiberglass, extremely water and wear resistance to UV rays, which guarantees the maintenance of colour and brightness over time.
The tracks can withstand temperatures ranging from -20 ° C to +90 ° C.

Accessories available upon request
• N° 18 badges numbered from 1 to 8 that can be fixed, on the side of the track near the starter, in progressive order of installation of the tracks
• handmade clubs with rubber foot
• rubber balls
• badge holders, numbered score cards in galvanized steel
• score cards with game regulation on the rear
• fiberglass board + support pole with behavioural rules
• fiberglass directional arrow + support pole with "Minigolf" inscription
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