Inflatables technical sheet

CEC Inflatables is the most important company in the world specialized in the production of inflatable structures. Our designs and the materials that we use, our production techniques, our unique printing abilities and our extraordinary safety standards, make us an avant-garde company. CEC has designed some of the most famous inflatables such as the Titanic Adventure, the Sabretooth, and more recently, the KingCroc and the Kraken. These inflatables have made history and many companies have tried to imitate them unsuccessfully. We have been in the market for over 20 years, during which we have contributed to the qualitative growth of the world of inflatables, having introduced many innovations. Our staff will be happy to describe all the features that make a CEC inflatable a remarkable and long lasting product, in accordance with new European regulations UNI EN 14960:2007. You will find all these benefits in all of products, from the small Bouncers to the larger structures. In 2009, CEC Inflatables opened its Italian division, in order to support the numerous clients in the country. Our team of experts will recommend the most suitable products for our clients’ needs will assist them during the issuing of the necessary documentation and will support them in the after-sale care. CEC Inflatables can look after the maintenance, the repair, the cleaning and the reconditioning of the inflatables, we can stock your inflatables during the winter period and we buy out used inflatables.
Why CEC Inflatables?
The first answer is quality!


Quality in every detail

There are many features that make CEC inflatables structures with superior quality standards and that will ensure that you are purchasing the best products available on the market. Your CEC inflatables will last longer, will allow continuous use and will guarantee very high safety standards. Here are some of our unique features.
Inflatables technical sheet


The stitches in our inflatables are characterized by a reinforcement system, which redistributes the pressure on the surface on a special membrane. In this way, the stitches have a longer lifespan and after several years the inflatables are still intact.
Inflatables technical sheet

Internal Deflectors

The internal walls of the inflatables enable us to create particular and different types of designs. CEC Inflatables utilizes a very resistant material of 1400x1400 deniers, that maximizes the durability of the internal structure. This material guarantees a double life to our structures. CEC Inflatables is the only company that uses this high-quality material for the internal structure.
Inflatables technical sheet

Anchorage Points

The quality and technology used for our anchorage points have been tested by our engineers to ensure maximum resistance. These important details guarantee quality to the structure, therefore safety to the users.
Inflatables technical sheet


The quality of the PVC used by CEC Inflatables is the highest available on the market. We use a special quality that is lead-free. Lead can be dangerous for children and CEC Inflatables, since its establishment has always used materials that contain no dangerous elements, even without a precise regulation. The PVC membranes used by CEC Inflatables are also equipped with an internal plot that makes them almost impossible to tear.
Inflatables technical sheet


Our products are not only the most fascinating and astonishing inflatables on the market, but they are also the safest structures, as they have been designed and certified by a team of engineers that have tested their stability, the wind resistance and the security of all the areas of each structure. All this allows us to certify and guarantee safety to our inflatables.


Our first goal is the safety of the children. All CEC structures are secure and built in compliance with the safety standards and with the current certifications EN14960.
All our structures are equipped with identification code and label as required by D.M. 18-05-2007.



  1. All of our inflatables are equipped with panels to avoid dangerous dives and jumps from the slides.
  2.  We make no compromises: the deflation pockets are equipped with the best zippers available on the market and are protected by Velcro flaps to avoid wearing out over time. 
  3. The connection tubes to the fans are equipped with Velcro to make the conjunction more secure and enduring. 
  4. All the graphics are printed using an advanced digital technology, the panels are treated using different lamination processes, to make them resistant to scratches and UV rays, thus avoiding possible "discoloration" of the graphics. 
  5. The grids used in our inflatables have a tight weave, in order to avoid finger injuring during play. 
  6. All wear parts are substitutable, so that you can replace and preserve the structure over time. This advantage increases the value of your investment. 
  7. The entrances/exits of each inflatable are designed to avoid accidents, especially the bouncers that have a special system patented by CEC to prevent falls from the inflatable while playing. 
  8. All the power supply tubes are equipped with special bulkheads that, in the event of a power failure, they slowly release the internal air, maintaining the structure steady for the amount of time needed for a safe and composed evacuation.
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