We of 3e60fun-games have always had a clear vision of what our mission is.
In the centre of our project we put PEOPLE, RELATIONSHIPS and PASSION.
Thanks to the equilibrium between these components, our mission was born spontaneously:
  • Build the leading Italian reality in the design and realization of playhouses, play areas and special projects for children.
  • Conveying internally the production processes and developing in Italy a centre of excellence in the design and production of sports-entertaining facilities and sports-entertaining projects.
  • Put the customer at the centre of the design phase, without proposing pre-packaged offers, but developing a project together, that is able to transform dreams and desires into reality.
  • To place safety and quality first and foremost, without compromises, from the research and development of new materials and solutions, to the constant introduction of innovative products.
This is the mission we have been pursuing, with tenacity and passion for last 19 years.
If you share our approach, we will be happy to know your ideas, to build a team that fits you in the realization of your desires.
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