3e60events - Solutions for Event Makers

We are an international team of experts, that have been working in the world of events for over 20 years. We know this industry and understand its complexities. For this reason, we created 3e60events.com, the first virtual domain that brings together the best "Solutions for Event Makers".

3e60events.com is able to support you, in the frequently harsh research, of the most innovative but also effective solutions, according to the specific needs of each event.

We are a partner, we analyze, together with you, the purposes and aims of the activity, the creative ideas, we consider the technical and logistic needs, and we are able to identify the mix of solutions that will make your event unique and effective. Each solution is customizable, branding, hardware, software; they can all be adapted to the clients’ needs.

The research is split into three macro-categories:

Ideas: creative solutions for entertainment and interaction with the guests and the public of the event.  In this category, you will find the largest collection of activities that can be included in your event, to support communication needs, data collection in order to offer a positive experience to all the participants. Last, but not least, creating special contents for digital platforms.

Structure: the latest innovations from the international market for the construction and setting of your event. "Plug and play" structures, with a strong visual impact, groundbreaking structures, designed for events to respond to every challenge.

Services: a complete series of services able to support events, for the running and success of any type of activity. We offer services and experts able to make the difference. Men and women who guarantee added value, essential in the world of events.

3e60events.com is a lively place, constantly updated with new products and special solutions. A place to visit during the creation of any type of event, where you can find a world of "Solutions for Event Makers" just a click away.
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