LED Solution

3e60fun-games offers something new: from today the Playgrounds shine!
Thanks to the very low voltage LED strips, the Playground has an innovative, futuristic and captivating look.
The LED system is available for any product 3e60fun-games has in the catalog, and the Graphic and design department of 3e60fun-games will assist you in realizing the structure of your dreams.
The Playground produced by 3e60-fun games is a structure that complies with current safety standards and regulations, and is always installed with an identification code as required by the M.D of May 18, 2007.

The Playgrounds are available for sale or for hire, new or used, they can be enriched and "colored" using banners, digitally printed panels or 3D sculptures, that are hand painted by artists and finally applied to structure.
A totally new experience!
Articles soon available
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