Funny Floor

Experience, involvement and emotions!
Funny Floor is an interactive floor composed by a system of motion sensors, an interactive projector and a computer, which allow you to interact with games through the projection of dynamic images on the floor.
In just 6 square meters children will play and have fun in total tranquillity and autonomy, without the necessary presence of an adult.
The non-slip lenoleum carpet can be easily moved and is perfect in every situation: in small play areas of restaurants and fast- food chains, in hotel's play rooms, in touristic villages and in shopping centers.

The product needs a place that is not too expose to sunlight or artificial light since the console uses a projection system.
There are 30 dynamic games with different themes to suit all taste: from sports to educational games, from pirate adventures to space ones, from memory to action games.

What are you waiting for? Ask for more information, 3e60fun-games staff will answer all your questions. 
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