How we project

The design phase is divided into several levels, each assigned to specialists in their particular field. First we start off meeting our client, then we proceed with a thorough and detailed study of the location, so that our graphic department is able to virtually recreate the site.
Our graphics develop a 3D project, that will evaluate all the required features that a game area needs to possess: for example: access and exit routes, the illumination points, correlated security guidelines etc.
The playground can include standard or tailored made solutions: an example is the Playground, which is entirely designed, built and installed by our technical experts.
Our aim is to identify the perfect partition of the spaces of the location, starting from the reception/welcome area, as well as the refreshment areas and paying particular attention to the area reserved to the games.
Our philosophy is to evaluate the layout of the area, according to the needs of the different age groups:
- soft area for toddlers from 0 to 3 years old
- playground area and inflatable structures for children from 3 to 11 years old
- areas for teenagers, with sports fields and interactive facilities, dancing area, climbers etc.
 - themed party area
We also offer playing solutions suitable for children with disabilities and structures that include such necessities.

Our client will be supported at all times by our sales and project staff: common ideas will become a concrete part of the project.
Our playing areas are appealing and very attractive to children: this is possible through the thematization of the structures, thanks to realistic sceneries, 3D decorative elements, wall paintings, logos and banners.
Decorations can be made in various materials with different levels of detail and effects.
The study of the polystyrene scenic elements takes place with the client, and once the concept is approved, the model is created. It is then sculptured, hand painted and treated with hardening resins to make it suitable for children and the outside environment.
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