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Each Play Touch consists of a control unit, supplied with the necessary cables, speakers and a 19" TFT monitor in 5: 4 (378 x 303 mm) format. All surfaces are in conformity with the EN71 part3 regulation. Standby power consumption 25 Watt (0.025 kWh), approximately 30 Watt (0.030 kWh) when in play.
The monitor is covered with a 3.8mm safety glass, suitable for children use and vandal-proof, anti-reflective and with the best scratch-resistant technology available. The technology and the high quality confers great safeness and security to users: the screen is designed in order to not generate any visual damage to the children. Its pure glass component offers superior optical performance in terms of image clarity, high resolution, and light transmission. Plexiglass-free surface.

The LED hardware with iTouch technology does not require maintenance and is already compatible with VGA, HDMI, USB, network, audio and fast CF. Power consumption of the hardware goes from 115 to 230 Volt, 50 to 60 Hz, it has the Power Save Technology integrated, which allows a low power consumption, even with a non-stop activity. iTouch is a SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) device, that means that it uses the surface acoustic wave that is now standard in all touch technologies.
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The multimedia system currently features 20 languages and has more than 20 games and applications designed to develop creativity, responsiveness and logical thinking in the child. Among the available games you can find: memory games, Connect 4, puzzles, chess and sudoku. There are also some activities that allow the child to express their creativity by colouring and/or drawing on the screen, discovering animals and their sounds and training their own reflexes with video games. All games are structured according to the indicated age and the level of difficulty. Games can be easily activated or deactivated to suit the age range of the players. In addition, beyond providing a fun and colourful gaming experience, it develops the ability to concentrate, the awareness of one's own touch and their visual perception.
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