Customized Playground

The Customized Playground, designed and built by 3e60fun-games, is the ideal structure for filling large spaces, that can even exceed 60sqm.
3e60fun-games Sales and Technical Department helps its clients to develop a Playground, that is suitable for the play area and that will satisfy the clients’ needs in every detail.

3e60fun-games is specialized in designing tailor-made structures for environments that have particular needs, in terms of dimensions and customizations.
The Customized Playground can incorporate go-kart tracks, tracks for tricycles, multisport fields and adventure games.
The use of digital printed panels, together with the 3D scenographic elements, make this Playground a structure that will allow you to stand out!
The Customized Playground produced by 3e60-fun games is a structure that complies with current safety standards and regulations, and is always installed with an identification code as required by the M.D of May 18, 2007.
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