Graphic Design

The graphic department of 3e60fun-games will support you in creating your own coordinated image.
Starting from your ideas, from your requested theme and from your suggestions, we will develop the most important communication element, which is the Logo. We will study its colour, its lines, the character and the image. It will represent the play area, the games room, the playroom in hotels, the play areas in camping zones, in restaurants, in shopping malls, in one word it will represent your company. It must have an original, well looked after and recognizable image.
After the conception of the logo, we proceed in the creation of your business cards, of your headed company paper and all that is needed to start off with a bang. We will, therefore, design brochures, pamphlets, internal and external billboards and we can also create special coloured designs, party masks, etc.

Last but not least...we create amazing Mascots: from real or from fictional characters, the Mascots are loved by children and will improve your playing area, offering an unforgettable experience to your little guests.
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