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3e60fun-games has been specialized for over 20 years in the development of indoor and outdoor play areas.

The Facilities for Parks and the products of the Urban and Garden Decor offered by 3e60fun-games have always been synonymous of high quality, produced in an environmentally friendly ambient and built to last over the years. They are made to meet the requirements of the users and are in compliance with our philosophy, that means reliability.

3e60fun-games offers a wide range of products needed for the realization of children's playgrounds in public and private areas. Our proposals are always innovative, safe and are designed to last.

3e60fun-games has carried out many projects, both for private and public sectors, and with our experience we provide our customers with a complete consultancy, design, sale, financing and after-sales assistance service. 

All the Facilities for Parks and the products of the Urban and Garden Decor proposed by 3e60fun-games are ideal facilities to be placed in tourist resorts, shopping malls, indoor/outdoor play areas of restaurants and hotels, primary schools, kindergartens, playschools, nurseries, etc. 

Thanks to the special treatments and processes done to the various materials, the use of the finished product, in its maximum quality, is guaranteed for many years:

Aluminum – the profiles used, made by cold extrusion in aluminum alloy, are in compliance with the European standards in vigor. They are painted with non-toxic epoxy powders. Amongst the numerous advantages that this type of metal offers, we evoke in particular its lightness, given that for the same volume, aluminum weighs only a third of steel.

Ropes and Nets - the nets and ropes are made with extremely resistant cords, with a diameter of 16 mm, composed of steel cables with plastic coating. The connecting elements and the locking eyelets are pressure welded with the rope, to prevent any accidental or voluntary unauthorized opening.

Steel and Iron – the metal components that are not made of stainless steel but are made of iron and they undergo treatments aimed in increasing their resistance to mechanical interventions and atmospheric conditions. Moreover, they add greater pleasantness to the touch and sight of the various components.

Wood - the wood mainly comes from certified forests and is treated with autoclave impregnation techniques. In this way, the products are extremely resistant to climatic or parasitic aggressions, preserving their quality characteristics for a long time. The impregnation is performed according to the current European legislation, UNI EN 351-1

The products offered by 3e60fun-games are certified and respect all the parameters established in matter of safety, in compliance with UNI EN 1176.

Contact us, the staff of 3e60fun-games will support you in the realization of your project.
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