Magnetic Cubes

The magnetic cubes are soft shapes covered with colored fabric.
In every side of these cubes there are 4 small magnets sewn inside, for a total of 24 magnets per cube.
These soft shapes, available in cubes and triangles, take the timeless game of construction, always loved, to a whole new level: thanks to their magnetic structure kids can create suspended bridges and new figures!

The magnetic cubes are at the same time multifunctional toy and educational tool which will provide an harmonious development of the child.
They can be used by children from 2 years onwards.
The child will begin to explore the shapes through the touch, lifting and throwing them.
Then the child begins to explore the action of the magnets, he understands the rules and gives free rein to his imagination!

Available in different colors, each box contains 100 pieces already composed of two matching colors.
Perfect for play areas of hotels, complementary toy for Playground and entertainment activities for parties, it can be also really helpfull in the world of education and child physiotherapy.
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