Laser Survivor

Who wants to experience a whole new adventure that will make both children and adults feel the thrill of being indiana Jones or the most skilled of 007 Agents?
Laser Survivor is a game that everybody can play, and consists of an obstacle course represented by interactive lasers managed by a software.

The aim of the game is very simple: once the player has entered into the maze, he will have to reach exit trying to avoid the colored light beams with care and skill. 
If he touches one of them, a dedicated sensor records the penalty.
Additional effects as sounds, scenographic lights, artificial fog and 2D and 3D themed designs, will make this adventure unique!
The PC, the screen that show the game score, and the registration totem are positioned in the entrance area.
The score is calculated thanks to a special algorithm that combine time spent, accumulated penalties, age of the player and the level of difficulty chosen at the beginning. 

The scenographic 3D designs will totally involve the player in this interactive experience: the maze can thus wear different "clothes" and became a path in the savage Jungle, or a corridor inside the Stae Wars Death Star, or the vault of a bank, or a sea cave inside a Temple of Atlantis!
Articles soon available
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