Why CEC Inflatables?
The first answer is Quality!

There are many features that ensure that our inflatables are structures that have higher quality standards than other inflatable structures on the market. We can guarantee that you are purchasing the best products available, that will last longer and will allow long-lasting use.
Our research and development department studies and analyzes every possible improvement and innovation that can be made in order to make our products superior and safer. Our first and most important is the safety of children. All CEC structures are built in accordance with the European safety standards as required by EN14960 and have an identification code and nameplate (D.M. 18-05-2007).
All of our inflatables are equipped with panels to prevent children from diving and jumping dangerously from the slides. Moreover, the deflating pockets are equipped with the best zips available on the market.
The graphics are printed using advanced digital technology, the panels are treated using several lamination processes, to make them resistant to scratches and UV rays, thus avoiding possible "discoloration" of the graphics under the sun's effect.
The grids used in our inflatables have a very thick weave, in order to avoid finger injuring during play. All parts subject to wearing are substitutable.
The entrances/exits of each inflatable are designed to avoid accidents, especially the bouncers that have a special system patented by CEC to prevent falls from the inflatable while playing.
All the power supply tubes are equipped with special bulkheads that, in the event of a power failure, they slowly release the internal air, maintaining the structure steady for the amount of time needed for a safe and composed evacuation.
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