Inflatable accessories

One of 3e60’s goals is to recuperate, when possible, damaged playground structures. We think that it is more convenient for our clients and more appropriate to intervene with a targeted maintenance, rather than closing the structure or stocking it in a warehouse because impossible to use. For this reason, we offer our clients high quality spare parts and original accessories, that are essential for bringing back to life old or damaged structures.

For inflatable structures, we recommend fans equipped with a washable sponge filter, in order to reduce the amount of dust and debris inside the fan’s engine. These special filters allow the structures to be positioned near beaches or parks, as they prevent sand, grass and other external materials from entering the fan and therefore inflowing inside the inflatables. In this way the structure will last longer.

We also advise the use of fan covers, that are designed to reduce significantly the noise produced by the fan. Made of polyethylene or fiberglass, these fan covers are resistant to impacts and to adverse climatic conditions. They are designed for all types of fans and can be stacked one above the other, therefore reducing the storage space.
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