Also for restaurants and shops, spaces dedicated to children are extremely important.
3e60fun-games has developed, especially in recent years, a vast knowledge of the needs of the play areas not only for restaurants and fast-foods, but also for all those commercial activities such as clothing and footwear stores, pediatric and dental offices, pharmacies and libraries.
Our designers will help you develop the game area that best suits your needs by optimizing the available spaces.
The best and most avant-garde example of this new attention to children in commercial activities is certainly the themed restaurant: the tailor-made 3D scenography combined with interactive products or multi-game areas have the power to transform a simple restaurant into a total emotional experience for customers.
In case you have to find a new purpose for a small room or an unused storage room, the best idea would be to place the Laser Survivor in it: customers can experience a real adventure worthy of Indiana Jones or the most skilled 007!
The modular system of lasers and sensors draws a path inside the room, in which the player will have to venture trying to avoid the colored beams and passing through them as quickly as possible.
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